DesertNanny BE Louis Vuitton For Sale


Date of Birth: March 18, 2013

Sire: IronwoodRanch AS Bree *S

Dam: DesertNanny BR Teresa


black and white with buckskin markings and with the cou noir pattern



Extended Pedigree


pictures soon


Show wins: Not shown to date

Louie is one of our newest herd sires who's pedigree is filled with well-known genetics - including a maternal grandmother, maternal great grandmother and a paternal great grandsire who are ADGA Superior Genetics animals with lots of milk in their pedigrees. Louie is small and correct with lots of style. I'll be updating his page soon with pictures.



         Dam: DesertNanny BR Teresa                                                                                                              Sire: IronwoodRanch AS Bree *S