DesertNanny BR Blue Bunny Luv 4*M VEEE91 (FS)

Blue Eyes

Date of Birth: January 6, 2009

Sire: ++B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S VVV FS 87

Dam: DesertNanny EC Blue Bunny 3*D 3*M

extended pedigree


Show wins:

1 x Grand Champion Junior doe; Golden Triangle Show, Chino, CA 2009 - Whiteside

Ah, yes, my "sleeper". Bunny's attributes are her femininity with dairy character; long body and lovely udder. I love this doe's style. The picture does not do her justice as she is nearly dry in this picture and her coat needed time to grow a bit for a more sleek look. On the move, this doe is pleasant to watch. She levels out beautifully and is oh so angular. For her third year as a producer in 2013, she was bred to *B DesertNanny W Southern Comfort *S and kidded on March 16 with quads, two does and two bucks. Pictures are posted below. Bunny was bred to DesertNanny BE Vintage Diesel for late March 2014 kids and freshened with triplets as a fourth freshener.


Blue Bunny Luv's 2013 quads, below


above - gold and white, blue-eyed buckling



above, red buckling



above, doe #1



above, doe #2