Buckle's Sire:

DF Farms HD Barney Rubble V


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*B DesertNanny BR BlueBerryBuckle *S



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Buckle's Dam:

DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M





*B DesertNanny BR BlueBerryBuckle *S

DOB: March 25, 2010

ADGA: D1532926    AGS: D-55575     NDGA: 06203M


Sire: DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S V (Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day *S x Caesar's Villa STS Bam-Bam)

Dam: DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M (+B Twin Creeks Icy Hot +*S x DesertNanny SJ SevenFeathers 2*D 2*M)


Extended Pedigree



BlueBerryBuckle is an upstanding little fellow with outstanding general appearance and dairy character. He was not bottle raised, however, is a very sweet and mild mannered buck. As a baby, we offered him for sale and he was reserved; the sale fell through due to family issues. We advertised him again and he was immediately reserved for the second time. Because of a family accident, the second sale was canceled, as well. During the times he was spoken for, I was very sad that he was leaving our herd, but because of our economic situation at the time, I felt the necessity to sell many of my favorite animals. Now I've decided to keep him here with us, regardless.


Buckle was bred to a number of our dry yearlings, when he was about six months of age. As a result, we have four absolutely stunning 2011 blue-eyed daughters out of Legally Blonde, Wood Nymph (twin doelings) and Kaliko Kat. His daughters are named DesertNanny BBB Buttons `n Bows; DesertNanny BBB BlueBerryWyne; DesertNanny BBB BrandyWyne and DesertNanny BBB Kat's Meow. In October 2010, we had him collected by Bio-Genics, He was very young, still we were able to preserve 32 straws from him at only seven months of age! The microscope showed him to be extremely fertile.


 BlueBerryBuckle has many sisters scattered about this website. They are DesertNanny BR ShoeFlyPie 4*D 4*M; DesertNanny BR KickingBird 4*D 4*M AR; DesertNanny BR BlackBottomPie; and DesertNanny BR ApplePanDowdy. You can also see his aunt, DesertNanny Iced Rosebud 3*D 3*M on the senior doe page, and many other relatives scattered around this sight.


This year we retained all of Buckle's daughters. Breeding season is upon us, so if you are interested a son or daughter from this fellow from the next kidding season, please check our kidding schedule page often and consider placing a deposit on one of the breedings for next kidding season.


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Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day *S

Caesar's Villa STS Bam Bam +B Twin Creeks Icy Hot +*S DesertNanny SJ SevenFeathers 2*D 2*M
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