For Sale, $600

*B DesertNanny BR Tin Roof Sundae *S

Date of Birth: March 31, 2011

Sire: +B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S

Dam: GCH MCH DesertNanny Peach Ice Cream 2*D 2*M

20" at a year and a half

extended pedigree

We took Sundae to the 2014 ASGBA Memorial Day show and he won grand in two rings! Judge comments were dairy character with strength. Sundae is ready to go to a new home, just in time for 2016 breeding season!

When evaluating an animal for my herd and considering its age, my first requirement is a long, deep correct body. I look for overall strength and a proper front end. Moving along and further evaluating the body for smoothness of blending and width in/of the crops with proper rib angle and spacing, I look for flatness of bone.  After all of this, I go back and take a look again for overall balance. I see these attributes in Sundae and great potential in this young fellow in his structure and his pedigree.

In 2011, I had a heavy kid crop, so, I separated my potential bucklings to a junior buck pen. They grew and flourished, but did not get a lot of attention other than at feeding time. Not being an overly friendly boy, he is open to being scratched, but still a little fearful of the unknown. He is a lovely boy and with repetitive acts of kindness, will do well in a herd needing his strengths and dairy character. And, with the fine udders and milk in his background, this diamond in the rough can make your herd shine!

Sundae has beautiful kids on the ground this year and I am quite pleased with what I see. Sundae's dam is a foundation legend. Her dam, MCH Esperanza ZZ Faith 1*M, was my first champion with AGS and shown before ADGA accepted the Nigerians. You can see her daughter, Sundae's dam Peachy here: GCH MCH DesertNanny Peach Ice Cream *D 2*M 

Sundae's sire is pretty well known for his fine winning, milky progeny and you can check him out at: +B  DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S

*B Tin Roof Sundae *S could be a fine outcross or line breeding  for your herd, giving you some flexibility in your breeding program..