BlueFlame 'S Sire:

+B DesertNanny Jack  Sparrow +*S

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*B DesertNanny JK BlueFlame +*S


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BlueFlame 'S Dam:

DesertNanny Icy Blue Pearl *D VG, V






+*B DesertNanny JK BlueFlame +*S

DOB: March 9, 2008

2008 ADGA Youngstock Appraisal: VVEc, overall: V

ADGA: D1446652 AGS: D-43901  NDGA: 04780M


Sire: +B DesertNanny Jack Sparrow +*S

(Twin Creeks DJ Hornblower *S x MCH Esperanza ZZ Feona *D)

Dam: DesertNanny Icy Blue Pearl *D 1*M VG, V

(+B Twin Creeks Icy Hot +*S x DesertNanny MB Vanilla Truffle)


Extended Pedigree




At less than a year of age, this small boy had babies on the ground. Flame who is one of quints and bottle raised, is just as sweet he can be. He is easy to manage and obviously very willing to do his part for posterity. His dam, DesertNanny Icy Blue Pearl *D V,VG was on the 305 last year. A very willing milker, Pearl's one-day AGS Milk test scores are as follows: 4.4#, 4.4% BF, 4.2% Pro at 101 days for a final score of 51.52. While on DHI, her top milk weight was 5.6# at six weeks into her lactation.


DesertNanny Icy Blue Pearl *D 1*M V qualified for the ANDDA Bronze JuJu Awards in 2009 for her 2008 performance.


With this little fellow's fine milking genetics shown by his pedigree and his dam's willingness to produce, his genetics should fit well in a herd looking for dairy character, general appearance and milkability. Flame's fine son, DesertNanny BF SunFire, littermate to SunSprite (shown below), is owned by Sandy Hughes of New Mexico. Sandy took her new four-month-old baby boy to the 2009 AGS Nationals where he received a Reserve Grand Champion Buck over some very fine older competition. Way to go Sandy and SunFire!


Below are four of BlueFlame's lovely daughters. He has several other beauties in the milkers' pen and many still in the junior doe pen that will be kidding at the end of the year or in early 2012. Reservations are being accepted, so please watch for parings on the Breedings page.



GCH DesertNanny BF SunSprite 3*D 3*M


DesertNanny BF StarFire (not shown to date)

Sold, reference only.

CH DesertNanny BF SweetPotatoPie


DesertNanny BF Siren (not shown to date)