DesertNanny BR Tia Maria
Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Doe
Born - March 28, 2010

Parents Grand-Parents G Grand-Parents GG Grand-Parents
+B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S VVV FS 87
Twin Creeks WB Hero Of The Day *S
MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +*S E
Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
Goodwood Bejou Merry 4*D
Artist's Eye Kaleidoscope *D
Ponders End The Full Monty
Ponders End CR Chardonnay
Caesar's Villa STS Bam-Bam
ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S
Goodwood Mindy *D

Rosasharn's B'Udder-Nut 3*D
ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S 'E'
Stonewalls Baby 'Udder Cup 1*M
SGCH MCH DesertNanny Icy Blue Skyy 3*D 2*M AR AR +B Twin Creeks Icy Hot +*S Piddlin Acres Hot Sauce *S Twin Creeks Peaceful Voyage *S VG
Piddlin Acres Tex's Piņata *D VG
MCH Hill Country's WB Chardonnay 2*D 1*M EEEV (FS 90E) MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +S 'E'
Green Gate Ice Princess *D
SG Esperanza RF La Madrina 2*D 1*M VVVE 89 +B PromisedLand LD Royal Flush *S Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw *S
Caesar's Villa STS Pandora 5*D 
MCH Esperanza ZZ Feona *D Ponders End ZZ Top
Ponders End Picabo Passion