GCH DesertNanny BF SunSprite 3*M 3*D

2014 Linear Appraisal: EEEE FS E91 (permanent score)


Date of Birth: February 21, 2009

Sire: *B DesertNanny JK BlueFlame *S

Dam: DesertNanny Angelica  2*M AR 2*D V

ADGA Performance Pedigree





Show wins:

Grand Champion Senior Doe in Milk, ASGBA, Casa Grande, AZ 5/2011 - Bartholomew

Best of Breed, ASGBA, Casa Grande, AZ  5/2011 - Bartholomew

Reserve Champion Senior Doe in Milk, LVDGA, Chino, CA 6/2011 - Pederson

Champion Senior Doe in Milk, LVDGA, Chino, CA 6/2011 - Fleming

Champion Senior Doe in Milk, LVDGA, Chino, CA 6/2011- Bartholomew

 SunSprite excels in dairy strength and general appearance with her openness and spring of rib; her tight shoulders and correct rear end. Her permanent LA score at the age of 5 years and 4 months gave her an "E" in rump. Her udder is wonderfully attached all the way around and is very high in the rear attachment. I could not be more pleased with this girl. Sprite began her show career at three months into her lactation and received her first leg and Best of Breed at the ASGBA show in Casa Grande. The following week we took her to Chino, CA, for the three-ring LVDGA Show where she won grand in two of the rings and reserve in one. She is fun to show; it seems as though she knows that all eyes are upon her and she comes alive. Sprite finished her ADGA championship as a two year old first freshener.

Sprite is quite the little milker and in 2015 earned her ADGA Advanced Registry status in 284 days with 810 pounds of milk, 37 pounds of butterfat and 34 pounds of protein with a very low somatic cell count.



SunSprite's elegant 2011 daughter, DesertNanny LBS Solar Flair sired by Last Boy Scout, is shown below.



SunSprite's lovely 2013 daughter, DesertNanny BE Summer Solstice sired by Bree, is shown below.


SunSprite's two 2014 retained daughters sired by *B DesertNanny BBB Blue Haboob *S

DesertNanny BH Bella Noche (solid black)

DesertNanny BH Blue Solstorm (Chamoise and white, blue eyes)

SunSprite kidded February 3, 2016 with quints, two bucks and three does, sired by *B DesertNanny BBB Luck Dragon