DesertNanny BR KickingBird 4*M AR 4*D

Date of Birth: April 11, 2008

Sire: +B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S

Dam: DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M

extended pedigree


Show wins:



1 x Res GCH 2010 Pima County Fair - Okeson

GCH Chino, CA 2010 - Jodlowski


Milk Records


2010 AGS one-day milk test: 3.5#, 3.4% BF, 3.5% Pro at 99 days for a final score of 35.80 as a first freshener


DHIA Record, complete lactations


Year Age Height Days in Milk Pounds Milk Pounds BF % BF Pounds Pro % Protein
2010 1.10 19 2/8 258 560 25   19  
2015 on test              






Shown above are Bird's two 2010 daughters (quad litter), GCH DesertNanny BF SweetPotatoPie 5*M AR 5*D and DesertNanny BF WildWoodFlower.



Shown above are two of Bird's 2011 bucklings out of quads. Left is DesertNanny BR Kokopelli *S (retained and not shown to date); right is DesertNanny BR Appaloosa *S (1 x ADGA GCH Junior Buck, 1 x ADGA Res GCH Junior Buck, Albuquerque, NM - owned by Lora Kniffin of Prairie Wood Nigerian Dwarf Goats)


Shown above are Bird's three doelings from 2012 - two have blue eyes




                                      Doeling #1, reserved Fair Skies, Alaska                    Doeling #2, reserved AW, Indiana                         Doeling #3, reserved MW, Kansas                                          

Shown above are Bird's three doelings born January 28, 2013 - all three have blue eyes and were sold