DesertNanny Icy Blue Mama Mia 3*M 2*D

blue eyes

Date of Birth: March 3, 2008

Sire: AR ++S Twin Creeks Icy Hot ++*S

Dam: SG DesertNanny RF La Madrina 2*M *D VVVE89



Extended Pedigree



First freshener udder on the left; third freshener udder on the right. Extreme right, 2/28/2012 fore udder

Show wins

Grand Champion Senior Doe in Milk; Golden Triangle Show; May 5, 2012 - Rachel Conway

Reserve Champion Senior Doe in Milk; Golden Triangle Show; May 5, 2012 - Megan Treadway-Carter

Reserve Champion (awarded restricted leg by default) Senior Doe in Milk; SADGA Caprine Classic May 12, 2012 - Christina Strickland



Left: Mia "truckin"; Right: Mia milked out in the Golden Triangle best of show line up 5/5/12



Mia posing



Milk Records


2009 AGS one-day milk test: 4.7#, 4.5% BF, 4.5% Pro at 53 days for a final score of 52.40 as a first freshener

2012 ADGA/AGS one-day milk test: 3.8#, 6.25% BF, 4.48 Pro at 13 days in milk

2012 ADGA Score: 8.6

2012 AGS Score: 48.38




Year Age Height Days in Milk Pounds Milk Pounds BF % BF Pounds Pro % Protein
2012 4.0 20 46 306 16 5.2 13 4.2




Power, grace and dairy character describe this classy doe. Mia has freshened three times. The first was with twin does, Teresa and Magdalene, who have both earned their junior legs in ADGA. Teresa was Best Junior Doe in Show over 206 junior does of all breeds. Mia's second freshening gave us twin bucklings and her third with two bucklings and a doeling. We're very happy with Mia's mammary system and milk production. Mia's full sister is SGCH MCH DesertNanny Icy Blue Skyy 3*D 2*M AR.