DesertNanny IM Claudette 3*D 3*M

blue eyes

Date of Birth: March 25, 2010

Sire: +*B DesertNanny Icy Blue Ice Man +*S

Dam: DesertNanny JK Blue Lagoon 2*D 2*M

ADGA registered


Extended Pedigree



Claudette as a first freshener




Claudette's first freshener udder




Above are pictures of Claudette as a yearling


Show wins:

Claudette was shown once this summer and placed well. Normally a sweet and affectionate doe, she was having an off day and misbehaved in the ring. I'm expecting her to do better the next time out; she'll have a little more experience and should do better.

Milk Records


2012 ADGA/AGS one-day milk test: 3.2#, 6.01% BF, 4.33% Pro at 24 days as a first freshener

ADGA Score: 7.1

AGS Score: 40.46




Year Age Height Days in Milk Pounds Milk Pounds BF % BF Pounds Pro % Protein
2012 1.11 21 58 229 14 6.1 9 3.9



2012: Some of her assets are her long and smoothly blended body; and a nice wide hip. Claudette kidded in January with a single buckling. She has a wide high escutcheon and a lovely balanced udder with large orifices. She is a willing and easy to manage doe who milks like a dream. Claudette has been bred to Bree for December kids.

Flash: Claudette kidded with a single doeling on January 3, 2013.