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~ Champions by Age ~



MCH Esperanza ZZ Feona 1*D (deceased)


MCH Esperanza ZZ Faith 1*M (deceased)


GCH MCH DesertNanny Peach Ice Cream 2*M *D (deceased)


ADGA 2011 Elite Doe SGCH MCH DesertNanny Icy Blue Skyy 2*M AR 3*D


GCH DesertNanny MC Madeline 3*M AR 2*D


GCH DesertNanny BF SunSprite 3*M 3*D 2014 LA: EEEE FS E91


GCH DesertNanny IM Wood Nymph 2*M AR 2*D


GCH IronwoodRanch Peppermint Patty 4*M AR 4*D


GCH DesertNanny IM Blue Sapphire 4*M 3*D


GCH DesertNanny BF SweetPotatoPie 5*M AR 5*D


SGCH MCH DesertNanny BR Tia Alexandria 3*M AR 4*D LA FS E90 


GCH DesertNanny BR Tia Maria 3*M AR


GCH DesertNanny BR Floribunda 4*M AR 4*D LA FS V88


CH DesertNanny BR Lonicera


CH DesertNanny BBB BrandyWyne


GCH DesertNanny AB Bésame Mucho 4*M AR





~ More Senior Does ~


DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M LA FS 88 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Icy Blue Mama Mia 2*M 3*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Camille


DesertNanny BR BlackBottomPie LA FS 86


DesertNanny BF Blue Siren LA FS V87 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Arizona Rose


DesertNanny BE Summer Solstice 4*M


DesertNanny BR Bubbliscious


DesertNanny BE Woodland Fawn


DesertNanny BE Lacey Finlandia 3*M AR


DesertNanny LBS Solar Flair


DesertNanny BR FlyingFeathers (blue eyes)


DesertNanny AB Butternut 6*M AR 6*D


DesertNanny AB Blue Jean


DesertNanny AB Silver Storm


DesertNanny DI Bird On A Wire


DesertNanny BBB Meadow Melody (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Y Amarosa 1*M


DesertNanny DI Tia Guadalupe


DesertNanny DI Dreamsicle


DesertNanny DI Tia Isabela


DesertNanny BBB BlackBerryWyne


DesertNanny BBB BlackBerry Jam


DesertNanny VR Shangri-La


DesertNanny AB Capella


DesertNanny BBB Buttons N Bows (blue eyes)   


DesertNanny AB Fudge Brownie


DesertNanny SC Bittersweet


DesertNanny B Butterfly Nebula  (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BE Butter Crème


DesertNanny BE Root Beer Brown


DesertNanny BE Nova Style


DesertNanny LD Silver Shadows


DesertNanny P Ruby Topaz



~ Reference ~


DesertNanny BR KickingBird 4*M AR 4*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny PY Paloma 3*M 3*D


DesertNanny BR Fairy Floss 2*M AR 2*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny LBS Ivanka 5*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny IM Legally Blonde 2*M 2*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Pasteli 1*M *D LA FS 87 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Iced Rosebud 3*M 3*D


TX Twincreeks CAS Free Style 3*M 4*D


DesertNanny BR Antica


DesertNanny BF Kitty Galore


DesertNanny IM Zuni Blue (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Magdalene 3*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny BR Teresa LA FS 85


DesertNanny BR Dominique 4*M 3*D


DesertNanny BR Stella 2*M 2*D


DesertNanny BF Lady Baltimore


DesertNanny BR Uptown Girl (blue eyes)


DesertNanny IM Bubble Gum 4*M 4*D


DesertNanny IM Laffy Taffy 4*M 4*D


DesertNanny IM Claudette 3*M 3*D


DesertNanny BF Evangeline


DesertNanny BF WildWoodFlower


DesertNanny BF Classic Style


DesertNanny BF Cajun Style


DesertNanny UMA Cosmos Girl


DesertNanny LBS Mimosa Truffle


DesertNanny UMA Sterling Silver 4*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny BR Spanglish LA FS 85


DesertNanny PY Rosalinda (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Apple Pan Dowdy LA FS 85


DesertNanny W Circe of Aeaea (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Y Klondike Rose


DesertNanny BBB Holiday Cookie 5*M(blue eyes)


DesertNanny UMA Carina Nebula 4*M AR


DesertNanny BR Easter Sundae 2*M AR 2*D LA FS V88 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Allegra 3*M AR 3*D LA FS 87


DesertNanny BBB Diamond Dove (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Blue Tiger Lily (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Blue Bunny Luv LA FS 86 (blue eyes)