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Senior Does

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~ Champions by Age ~


MCH Esperanza ZZ Feona 1*D


MCH Esperanza ZZ Faith 1*M


GCH MCH DesertNanny Peach Ice Cream 2*M *D


ADGA 2011 Elite Doe SGCH MCH DesertNanny Icy Blue Skyy 2*M AR 3*D


GCH DesertNanny MC Madeline 3*M AR 2*D


GCH DesertNanny BF SunSprite 3*M 3*D 2014 LA: EEEE FS E91


GCH DesertNanny IM Wood Nymph 2*M AR 2*D


GCH IronwoodRanch Peppermint Patty 4*M AR 4*D


GCH DesertNanny IM Blue Sapphire 4*M 3*D


GCH DesertNanny BF SweetPotatoPie 5*M AR 5*D


SGCH MCH DesertNanny BR Tia Alexandria 3*M AR 4*D LA FS E90 


GCH DesertNanny BR Tia Maria 3*M AR


GCH DesertNanny BR Floribunda 4*M AR 4*D LA FS V88


CH DesertNanny BR Lonicera


CH DesertNanny BBB BrandyWyne





~ More Senior Does ~


DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M LA FS 88 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Icy Blue Mama Mia 2*M 3*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF New York Style (blue eyes)


DesertNanny PY Southern Style 4*M 5*D


DesertNanny BR Camille


DesertNanny BR BlackBottomPie LA FS 86


DesertNanny BF Blue Siren LA FS V87 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Arizona Rose


DesertNanny BE Sharcoal


DesertNanny BE Summer Solstice 4*M


DesertNanny BR Bubbliscious


DesertNanny BE Woodland Fawn


DesertNanny BE Lacey Finlandia 3*M AR


DesertNanny LBS Solar Flair


DesertNanny BR FlyingFeathers (blue eyes)


DesertNanny AB Butternut 6*M AR 6*D


DesertNanny HB Bear Essentials


DesertNanny BBB Meadow Melody (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Y Amarosa 1*M


DesertNanny DI Tia Guadalupe


DesertNanny BBB BlackBerry Jam


DesertNanny BBB BlackBerryWyne


DesertNanny W Camaro Coral 5*M AR




~ First Fresheners ~


DesertNanny UMA Amber Rose 4*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny AB Capella


DesertNanny BBB Buttons N Bows (blue eyes)   


DesertNanny AB Fudge Brownie


DesertNanny AB Buttermilk Sky


IronwoodRanch AS Nutter Butter


DesertNanny SC Bittersweet


DesertNanny BBB Butterfly Nebula  (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Sassy Cindy


DesertNanny BE Butter Crème


DesertNanny BE Root Beer Brown


DesertNanny BE Nova Style


DesertNanny AB Bésame Mucho




~ Reference ~


DesertNanny BR KickingBird 4*M AR 4*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny PY Paloma 3*M 3*D


DesertNanny BR Fairy Floss 2*M AR 2*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny LBS Ivanka 5*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny IM Legally Blonde 2*M 2*D (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Pasteli 1*M *D LA FS 87 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Iced Rosebud 3*M 3*D


TX Twincreeks CAS Free Style 3*M 4*D


DesertNanny BR Antica


DesertNanny BF Kitty Galore


DesertNanny IM Zuni Blue (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Magdalene 3*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny BR Teresa LA FS 85


DesertNanny BR Dominique 4*M 3*D


DesertNanny BR Stella 2*M 2*D


DesertNanny BF Lady Baltimore


DesertNanny BR Uptown Girl (blue eyes)


DesertNanny IM Bubble Gum 4*M 4*D


DesertNanny IM Laffy Taffy 4*M 4*D


DesertNanny IM Claudette 3*M 3*D


DesertNanny BF Evangeline


DesertNanny BF WildWoodFlower


DesertNanny BF Classic Style


DesertNanny BF Cajun Style


DesertNanny UMA Cosmos Girl


DesertNanny LBS Mimosa Truffle


DesertNanny UMA Sterling Silver 4*M AR 4*D


DesertNanny BR Spanglish LA FS 85


DesertNanny PY Rosalinda (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Apple Pan Dowdy LA FS 85


DesertNanny W Circe of Aeaea (blue eyes)


DesertNanny Y Klondike Rose


DesertNanny BBB Holiday Cookie 5*M(blue eyes)


DesertNanny UMA Carina Nebula 4*M AR


DesertNanny BR Easter Sundae 2*M AR 2*D LA FS V88 (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Allegra 3*M AR 3*D LA FS 87


DesertNanny BBB Diamond Dove (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BF Blue Tiger Lily (blue eyes)


DesertNanny BR Blue Bunny Luv LA FS 86 (blue eyes)